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At Erasmus Life, all our listings are verified for authenticity and accuracy, ensuring a safe booking experience.
This ensures that what you see is what you get - real, authentic photos, and accurate information in every listing.
Book online with complete peace of mind knowing that your safety is our priority.


Browse through our diverse listings with detailed descriptions and images to find your perfect accommodation.


To initiate your booking, simply send a rental request to us, specifying your desired move-in date and booking duration.


Once confirmed, pay the first month's rent or deposit and additional fees. Report any initial issues within 48 hours post-check-in.



Whether you're a professional or private landlord, listing your space is simple and free.
Fill in our easy form and rent out your room or property in no time.

Rental Requests

Receive reservation requests online. Our team handles tenant verification for you.

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Upon confirmation, tenants pay the first month's rent or deposit and any additional fees.
We transfer the amount within 5 days after check-in.


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